Informació pràctica


TheUltrasound It is a diagnostic tool for image that allows a direct view of the organs and soft tissues of the body, through the issuance of non-audible sound waves (Ultrasound) through a transducer.
This is the person in charge of capture the echo generated in bounce the ultrasound about the different organs and generate an image that then will be performed.

TheDoppler ultrasound is a variation of the ultrasound that allows the assessment of the internal fluid flows in motion, How are the veins and arteries, to find out your speed, direction and strength and supplement, so, the information obtained from each organ.


These waves allow to differentiate the shape and size of each structure examined, as well as their nature (solid, liquid, gas or mixed).

The ultrasound is a tool that allows a non-invasive examination and not painful that does not produce discomfort to the animal, no side effects. This fact is very important because in the vast majority of cases do not requires anesthetizing the patient for a good organic study.


The ultrasound applied to small animals is a non-invasive diagnostic tool very important that allows a view, in real time, internal organic structures, together with the results of the analytical tests and medical history, allows a more accurate approximation of its operation to determine if there is some kind of pathology or not.


On any ultrasound study, We recommend a fast food for a minimum of 8 a 10 hours, whenever possible,, except where otherwise noted, to be able to assess better the digestive system, how the cranial abdominal structures.

At the same time, retention of urine 3 a 4 hours It is necessary to, to be possible, to be able to assess better the urinary tract, how the reproductive tract, both in males, as in females.