Welcome to DIAGNOVET
Diagnostic imaging service for Veterinary Professionals
Our goal
Complement and guide the professional vet
about the diagnosis in small animals
Mobile ultrasound service and advice
in the interpretation of other radiological studies and/or ultrasound.
2D ultrasound
Muscular-Skeletal Ultrasound
Vascular Ultrasound Studies
Up-to-date publication of clinical cases and references of interest to the section Actualitat


DIAGNOVET is a service of image diagnosis for veterinary professionals, directed by Josep Mª Castelar Cifuentes, vet clinic with more than 10 years of experience, especially in the field of ultrasound.


The aim of DIAGNOVET is, by means of the diagnostic imaging, complement and guide the professional veterinarian on the clinical diagnosis in small animals, on the basis of a close relationship between this and the results obtained.


The detailed report later will allow a clear and comprehensible reading of the images obtained, which you'll get a useful conclusion, both in the news, as in future revisions.


DIAGNOVET offers a Mobile ultrasound service vet centers that you wish to, as well as advises and guides in the interpretation of other ultrasound studies and/or radiological.